Highest output, Highest ROI, Highest quantity control capability

MAS-151 is the latest generation selective stamping soldering machine with the highest output, ROI and quality control, Features include:
  • A singe drop jet fluxer nozzle for selective fluxing Provides good fluxing results while reducing flux usage
  • 5 zones of top & bottom preheating. provide enough heating capacity for boards prlor to soldering
  • Unique stamping solder pot N2 system design minimizes the wave/stamping nozzle exposure time
  • Unique conveyor system minimizes transportation time when board travel from one section to another
  • Windows 10 system English version
MAS-151 Specifications
    Item MAS-151
    Running power/Total power
    Max board dimension Max W500xL500mm
    Soldering area Max W450xL450mm
    Machine dimension 5200(L)*1850(W)*1650(H)
    Machine weight 2500KG
    Power supply 3PH 380V 50HZ
    Air supply 3-5 bars
    N2 consumption 15--20m3/H
    N2 purity >99.99%
    Exhausting volume 1500M3/h
    Controlling Computer
    UPS power supply Standard included
    Conveyor system
    Max board load 15kg/pc
    Max machine toal load 15kg/pc x 7=105kg
    Fluxing section covneyor Pin chain conveyor
    Preheating & soldering section conveyor Idle rollers, multi finger to push all board synchroniz
    Fluxing section
    Flux nozzle Drop jet fluxer nozzle made in Germany
    Fluxer quantity 1pc
    Flux tank capacity 5Liters
    Flux tank quantity 1pc
    Cleaner tank capacity 1Liter
    Cleaner tank quantity 1pc
    Fluxer nozzle cleaning function one button auto cleaning function
    Motion axis X, Y Servo motor
    Motion axis accurancy + / - 0.1mm
    Preheating section
    Preheating method Top side with hot air convection, bottom side with IR
    Preheating zone quantity Top 5, bottom 5, individually
    Temperature range 25--200c degree
    Temperature control PID
    Convection motor monitoring Optional
    Heater failure monitoring Optional
    PCB surface temperature monitoring Optional
    Multi nozzle stamping soldering section
    Solder pump type Mechanical
    Solder pot quantity 1
    Solder pot capacity 550kgs
    Solder temperature control PID
    Solder max temperature Max 320degree
    Solder melting time 2 hours
    Stamp nozzle Customzie
    N2 shield Auto close/open, Auto up/down, max N2 protection result
    N2 heating temperature 25--250c degree
    N2 temperature control PID
    Motion (board or pallet) Z1,Z2 two axis individually
    Motion control Servo
    Motion accurancy + / - 0.1mm