Benchtop Repair Station BRS-100

Benchtop Repair Station BRS-100

● This system is used to communicate with BA-400. THT Solder Joint Automated Inspection System, use light spot of projector to locate the defective component, help operator to find position of defective component.

● Show defective component position one by one with foot pedal, or show multi position of defective component.

● Save double check time to enhance work efficiency.


Benchtop Repair Station BRS-100 Dimension:



  Bench top repair station BRS-100 Specification :
  Model   BRS-100
  Display mode   Single point display mode, multi point display mode.
  Dimension   L550*W830*H760mm
  Weight   Approx 50KG
  Total Power   100W


​Benchtop Repair Station BRS-100 Includes:

​Standard configuration:

1. Benchtop repair station BRS-100 with guiding projector.

2. Display connecting with BA-400 THT Solder Joint Automated Inspection System to display defective component information.