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Welcome to Sasinno

Sasinno is one of the best selective soldering machine manufacture

With more than 10 years soldering process experience, Sasinno really know customer’s pain. In Sasinno’s products, we convert our experiences of soldering to programmable & traceable software’s design, reduce solder quality relaying on engineer’s experience but relaying more on machine. For core hardware’s purchasing & design, it’s finished in our Europe technical center which located in Monschau,Germany.

Meanwhile, we set up globally sales & service channel, no matter where you located, we have always distributor or factory’s engineer to support you.

Enjoy the innovated steady technology !!!

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Dual fluxer technology , dual Z axis & dual individual solder pot technology , offline machine , inline machine. They can provide max flexibility than any other selective soldering machines.

Repeat ability

Besides moving, path & temperature were recorded in software, all solder material like flux info, solder info, nozzle info, etc were recorded in the program too. Grantee to repeat the same soldering result.


Capable to talk with MES system, bar-code function to collecting necessary key information.

Friendly Usage

Very use friendly UI, draw dot or line for motion path with PCB’s scanned picture.

Customized Application

Can design different solder pot & nozzle for different application like wide wave soldering, stamping soldering etc.

Sasinno Born for innovation

Enjoy the innovated steady technology !!!

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Our Technology

Quick Draw Path Programming
Most use friendly programming method in the market

Use scanned PCB picture as background, to draw path for fluxing and soldering

Fidicious checking "Sof-FICC"
Check two fidicious point before start fluxing and soldering

Use camera system for fidicious checking, get high precision for board position

Drop jet fluxer “Flx-DropJet”
Drop jet fluxer to create small flux dot or line in PCB

Stable German made drop jet fluxer is standard used in machine, create dia 4mm dot or line width at board

Dual individual drop jet fluxer valve Flx-2dropJet
Dual individual drop jet fluxer valve

2nd flux nozzle with drop jet type (machine will be with two individual drop jet fluxer valve, can jet fluxing for two same board or use two different flux for quick production line change, can individual programming flux path (First F1 then F2, or First F2 then F1, or Only F1, or Only F2, or F1 and F2 solder simutaniously))

Preheating zones “Pre TBPRE”
Top and bottom preheating zone included

Plenty preheating will grantee the soldering results

Wet type solder nozzle "Sod-WetNoz"
Wet solder nozzle Dia2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0mm (1set)

Wet solder nozzle Dia2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0mm (1set)

Solder nozzle distance auto adjustment "Sod-DisAdj"
Two solder pot distance auto adjustment

Adjust solder pot's distance to meet different nozzle distance, accomodate for different distance board in carrier

Soldering application Small & big wet nozzle mixing for soldering
One pot with big dia solder nozzle, another pot with small dia solder nozzle

To solder one board, Can use one big nozzle for big pad like grounded, use another small nozzle for small pad like fine pitch

Multi nozzle or Stamping nozzle "Sod-StampNoz"
Customized Stamping nozzle (or called "multi nozzle", Avaliable only when choose "Sod-WidWave pump") (1pcs)

Wide wave solder pot  "Sod-WidWave pump"
Wide wave solder pot with 30kg solder capacity for wider wave nozzle or multi-nozzle (stamping nozzle)

Upgrade one pot to wider wave solder pot with 30kg solder capacity(1set), max nozzle width 100mm, run like a wave solder (when choose this option, machine will be with one standard mechanical selective soldering pot, one mechanical 75mm widthwave nozzle pot, customer can use wide nozzle for board without bottom component for high production, can use selective pot for selective application)

Soldering application : Two same nozzle for double production
Two solder pot equip with same dia wet nozzle

Solder two same board in pallet, double the soldering production

Micro Spray fluxer "Flx-MicroSpray"
Use MicroSpray nozzle to replace drop jet nozzle (Dot size will nearly 12mm at board)

Soldering application : Wet nozzle mix with wide wave nozzle
Wave nozzle to solder most of board, Wet nozzle to solder rest few components

For boards without bottom components, can choose to use wide wave nozzle to solder it like a wave solder machine, mass the production. When need selective soldering, use another pot with wet nozzle to do it.

Soldering application : Wet nozzle mix with stamping nozzle (multi nozzle)
stamping nozzle to solder same charater joints in one time, rest few components to do with selective wet nozzle

For board with bottom components, customzied multi nozzle can dip up/down one time to solder most similar character joints. And leave the rest to wet nozzle for soldering.

Soldering live on camera "Sod-ProcMoni"
Soldering process monitoring with live camera camera & screen

To show actual soldering process with monitor outside machine, directly view soldering without open machine's hood

Wave height checking "Sod-HeightCali"
Automatic checking wave height according setting frequency

Use height probe for checking wave height asthmatically, be sure wave height is in closed loop control

Wide wave nozzle "Sod-WidNoz"
Customized Wide wave solder nozzle (1pcs) (width 50mm, 75mm, 100mm choosable) Avaliable only when choose "Sod-WidWave pump"

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